Top 3 Incredible Mobile Gadgets Of 2023

Top 3 Incredible Mobile Gadgets Of 2023

Remember those days when mobile phones were simply used for making calls and sending text messages? Boy have things changed or what since then! Today life seems almost impossible without cell phones and for good reason. These devices have transcended their original purpose and have evolved. Let’s trace their journey over the years:

First Ever Cell Phone

The world got its first taste of portable mobile phones back in 1983. The product came with a price tag of $4000 and was targeted specifically to the elite segment. This phone offered 30 minutes of talk time, six hours standby and could only store 30 numbers. Modern phone users certainly wouldn’t find that impressive but back in 1983, this was a huge break through. Furthermore, at that time, these phones were not developed for mass consumption. They were used specifically by corporate executives and were considered status symbols. The high profit margins and the desire to work in an emerging segment were appealing to new companies who wanted to establish a share in this segment. Over the years, companies continued to make improvements to cell phone design and function. Between 1990 and 1995, companies started manufacturing phones which catered to normal consumers.

Early Cell Phones

In addition to letting you make calls, early phones had additional features which included calculators, clocks and calendars. Some of these phones also had three games which included memory, snake and logic. Moreover, these phones also worked as currency converters and pagers. They also had profile settings and were available in different colors. Some of these devices were inspired by science fiction most notably the communicator from Star Trek. Early phones were also known for their long-lasting batteries, slim designs and display screens. Moreover, during this time the game ‘Snake’ also gained a lot of popularity. The dawn of the new millennium also resulted in the rapid growth of cell phone industry. During this time several companies launched highly popular phone models in the market.

Emergence of Smartphones

In the year 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s iPhone. People who were there at the ceremony at the time might not have realized this but they were witnessing a watershed moment in the cell phone industry. The iPhone was a game changer and its emergence directly affected established cell phone brands. Since then manufacturers have continued to make changes to cell phones using modern technology. The new features have changed the way how we perceive smartphones. The impact of technology is not just limited to cell phones, it also had an impact on mobile gadgets.

Mobile Phone Gadgets

For many users, mobile gadgets are almost as important as the phone itself. Gadgets like earphones, mobile holders and power banks enhance the overall user experience along with your phone’s functionality. Like cellphones, these gadgets too have evolved over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the most incredible mobile gadgets in 2019: Product Source: Mobile Accessories

Mini Power Bank

Smart phones sure have a lot of useful features but they also have a shorter battery life. Phone batteries have the tendency to run out of juice when you need them the most. This is especially a problem when you are travelling and the charger is nowhere nearby. Power banks have specifically been designed to counter this problem. They have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years and rightly so. These devices are portable and versatile. They aren’t just used with cellphones they can also be used with other electronic devices. Previously people used to have complaints that power banks are too big in size and therefore, it’s tough to carry them around however, that is no longer a problem with mini power banks. Mini power banks have the same features that conventional power banks have. However, their capacity to store power is less and they have a sleeker appearance. Moreover, they also cost less. Mini power banks consist of a special battery which is enclosed in a special case. The case consists of a circuit which is used for controlling the power flow. This allows it to store electrical energy which is then deposited in the bank. Later this stored energy is used for charging the device. Product Source: Power Banks

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Can you even imagine life without music? Sounds boring doesn’t it. Most people prefer to listen to music using headphones. However, the sound in earphones is usually compressed and you are not able to listen to all intricacies of music. For example, you might struggle with listening to the bass or other harmony instruments. This only spoils the overall listening experience. This problem can easily be avoided with high quality speakers. Now some people might argue that they would need a proper stereo system in order to make the most of their speakers. Moreover, most people listen to music on their phones and find it a hassle to connect their phones using wires. This is no longer a problem with Bluetooth speakers. These eliminate the need to connect your phone with speakers using wires while also ensuring the sound quality is in no way compromised. Furthermore, modern day Bluetooth speakers are also waterproof. This ensures that you can listen to your favorite songs anytime and anywhere without having to worry about water damage. Product Source: Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Handsfree

 We have already mentioned how people like to listen to music with handsfree. This mobile gadget is also useful for talking on the phone while you’re driving around. However, a common complaint that people have regarding handsfree is that their wires get tangled. Not only does it cause inconvenience, it also directly affects sound quality. With wireless handsfree that’s not an issue. You can listen to your favorite songs and talk on the phone without having to worry about the wires. Since there is no chance of wires getting damaged therefore, your handsfree also lasts longer. As you can see, like cell phones, mobile phone accessories (gadgets) too have evolved over the years. When you consider the technology cell phone manufacturers have available at their disposal, it’s only a matter of time before we see even more advanced versions of these gadgets. Of course, there are counterfeit products available in the market therefore, make sure you only purchase these products from a reliable place. Product Source: Bluetooth Handsfree