Everyday Cell Phone Related Problems That Can Be Quite Frustrating

Everyday Cell Phone Related Problems That Can Be Quite Frustrating

Ah, cell phones. If you sit back and think about them, it almost hilarious that our lives have become so dependent on these tiny devices. It truly reminds one of all those dystopian novels that we loved reading back when we were kids. Now the topic of this blog isn’t cellphone addiction or even mankind’s relationship with modern technology though maybe someday we will have an in-depth discussion about this specific topic as well. Today’s topic is about something a lot simpler and straightforward. We referring to some of the common cell phone related problems that people face.

Cell Phone Problems

Like any other electronic device, cell phones are also prone to damage. However, before we talk about cell phone damage, let’s talk about some of the internal components of a cell phone.

Phone Display

Let’s start with the display which is the most obvious component of a smartphone. It may appear on the outside but the screen is an essential internal component of the phone. Modern cell phones have different types of screens. These include: • LCD • LED LCD screens are based on IPS technology while LED screens are based on amoled and super amoled technology. LCD based screens consist of a backlight that shines through the polarizers. By manipulating the display, you can see multiple colors on the other side. In simple terms, this means that the light is not being generated by the display. Instead, it’s generated by the light behind the display. In the case of LED displays, all the pixels are emitted by the light emitting diodes. The display is generated using vibrant colors. LED lights have an edge over LCDs because they don’t consume the battery when the pixel is off. You just see black color on the screen. On the flip side though, LCDs are comparatively cheaper than their LED counterparts.


 Cellphones consist of batteries which incorporate lithium-ion technology. These batteries are either removable or non-removable. Lithium based batteries are superior to nickel-based cells however, you still need to make sure you handle them carefully. Most importantly, batteries are also volatile and there have been cases where they have exploded due to excessive heat.


 A cell phone is no good without ample storage and memory. We will start by talking about RAM first. The thing about Ram is that it isn’t just associated with memory, it’s also connected with the phone battery as well. High-end smartphones consist of Low powered Rams which reduce the voltage to the chips. This gives your cell phone extended battery life. When it comes to internal storage, cell phones use flash memory. The memory ranges from 32GB to 256GB so make sure you choose the phone which best fits your needs. These are just some of the internal components of your phone. Now let’s take a look at some of the common cell phone related problems that people tend to face.

Phone’s Audio Stops Working

 At its core, a cell phone is a device that allows you to communicate with people. To do so, you need to make sure that the phone’s audio continues to function properly. After all, what good is a cell phone if you cannot even hear the other person’s voice. Your cell phone speakers are susceptible to damage and can get damaged over time. Dust and water especially cause a lot of damage and BestMixer have a severe effect on your cell phone’s audio output. When that happens, you either need to get your phone repaired to replaced altogether.

Battery Starts Draining

 When it comes to lithium-based batteries, the biggest problem that cell phone owners face is that the battery starts losing its charge over time. When this happens, it starts draining quickly and takes longer to charge. Needless to say, this can cause a lot of hassle especially when you’re traveling in a new place. Imagine how big of a problem it can be if your phone stops working in this kind of situation!

Phone Screen Stops Working

 The phone screen is the most vulnerable part of your cell phone and it can easily get damaged if your fall slips out of your hand. Exerting too much pressure on the screen too can cause severe damage to the screen. Majority of the modern-day smartphones consist of touch screens and you can imagine how much of a hassle a damaged screen can cause. There are multiple reasons because of which phone screens might stop working. Sometimes the problem is not actually with the screen. It’s actually with you. Your hands might be wet or dirty and because of that, the screen becomes unresponsive. Touch screen problems can also occur because of issues with phone memory and sim cards. In the case of former, you might want to restart your phone whereas in case of latter, it’s suggested that you switch off the phone and remove the sim card. See if the screen works without the sim. If the problem persists, it’s a sign that there are issues with your phone’s touch sensors. Issues with phone screens are serious and should only be handled by professionals. However, in case of problems with the phone’s audio and battery, there are certain things that you can do. These include:

Keeping Phone Charged Using Power Banks

 Feel that your phone battery is draining too quickly and because of that your phone might switch off at any moment. This can cause a lot of hassle especially during the day when you are out and cannot possibly keep your phone charged. However, with power banks, that’s no longer an issue. Power banks ensure that your phone battery never dies on you. It’s especially effective when you’re traveling. A power bank is a device in which power is deposited for future use. Some power banks even allow you to charge more than one device at the same time. A bonus of power banks is that they aren’t just used for charging cell phones. They can charge any kind of product that can be connected via USB. They also have a sleek appearance and are aesthetically appealing so you won’t feel conscious when you’re carrying them around.

Handsfree And Speakers Enhance Phone Audio

Feel that your phone’s audio output isn’t as good as it should have been? Well, one way you can get around this problem is by going for handsfree. These devices are especially convenient when you’re driving and need to talk on the phone. Safety along with high-quality audio—what more could one ask for. Moreover, if you don’t like the idea of plugging in handsfree in your ears all the time then you can also opt for Bluetooth speakers. These are especially great for people who also like to listen to music on their phones. Imagine listening to your favorite tracks at a high volume. The clarity and sound quality are truly unparalleled. Keep in mind that these are just temporary solutions that will help you deal with issues in the short term. It’s always a good idea to get your phone checked by a professional to ensure that it’s in good condition.

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