5 things You Need to Know about Fast Charging Your iPhone

5 things You Need to Know about Fast Charging Your iPhone

Want your iPhone to charge faster? Here are the 5 Things You Need to Know about Fast Charging Your iPhone. These tips will help you get more battery life in less time. Felt you had to rush out for a meeting, but your iPhone battery almost died? Don't have time to charge your iPhone before you leave your house? Sometimes, this may not be an issue since car chargers and outlets are usually nearby. However, fast charging can be required in some cases. You might run into a situation where your iPhone is almost dead and you need to charge it quickly. I sometimes run into this problem, so here are some tips on how to charge your iPhone in around 30 minutes (or conserve battery life).

Make Sure Your iPhone's Charger And Cable Are Up-To-Date.

First and foremost, upgrade the cable and charger for your iPhone. Lighting to USB-C power cables and chargers are needed to charge your iPhone up to 50%. Chargers from Apple or third parties that support USB Power Delivery (PD) will also work. Some manufacturers claim these cables and chargers can charge up to 2.5 times faster. It's important to check the total power versus the power of each USB port when purchasing a fast USB PD charger, which is usually split into 18W and 12W, respectively, for each USB port.

Switch Off  Your iPhone While Charging

In a world where your iPhone is loaded with text messages, emails, notes, calls, reminders, and much more, it can be unnerving to turn it off for even a few seconds. However, Turning off your phone allows it to charge faster since it won't have to keep up with many processes.

Put Your iPhone In Airplane Mode

Putting your iPhone in Airplane Mode is the next option if it isn't possible to shut it off completely. When your device is in Airplane Mode, all wireless radios are temporarily disabled, which helps reduce full charge times. In case you have never used Airplane Mode before, Airplane Mode can be toggled using Control Center on iPhones without a home button, Swipe downward from the top-right corner of the screen. Once Control Center is opened, tap Airplane Mode to toggle it.

Activate Low-Power Mode

The low power mode is a feature of the iPhone that reduces battery drain and maximizes charging efficiency by reducing the battery charge time. Like Airplane Mode on your iPhone, Low Power Mode works by temporarily pausing or reducing unnecessary background processes to minimize the processing load on your iPhone. Since Low Power Mode uses less power, your iPhone will charge faster.

Make Sure Your iPhone Remains Cool

When charging your iPhone, you should keep it cool inside and out to maximize its performance. In order to prevent your iPhone from getting overheated, prevent it from being exposed to direct sunlight and keep it away from hot surfaces, such as the tops of appliances and other electronic devices. Additionally, you should avoid using apps that may increase your phone's temperature when charging, such as resource-heavy mobile games.

On My iPhone, How do I Enable Fast Charging?

Fast charging is now a standard feature on Apple smartphones since the iPhone 8 was released in 2017, and a number of third-party chargers also support iOS fast charging. To enable fast charging on your iPhone, go to the settings > Battery section and choose Battery Health; you can disable Optimized Battery Charging by tapping on the slider next to it.

Winding Up!

This article is intended to help you charge your phone faster, so I hope that you will find it useful, thank you for reading.